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Six LinkedIn Profile Settings to Update Right Now

Does your LinkedIn profile convey that you care about your own little slice of digital real estate?

If, like me, you set up your LinkedIn profile in its earliest days, back when there was no news feed, or company pages…

..and if, during those years when LinkedIn would badger you to endorse your connections’ skills, you decided it wasn’t worth the bother…

… and you let your account just sit there, parked in its spot, holding your space for someday…

Well, I think someday is TODAY. Why not take some time now to show your network that you care about your professional presence? LinkedIn is so much more than a resume placeholder! Check these key sections to be sure your profile reflects you at your professional best:

Profile picture

Make sure it’s recent(ish) and looks professional(ish). Not too casual. Smile!

Your LinkedIn URL

Every profile has its own URL, which LinkedIn appends with a random set of numbers and letters. Customize this so it’s your name, or some variation thereof.

Location Code

Check your location code to be sure it reflects the metro region where you currently (or want to) live and work.

Industry Code

Check this if it’s been a while – choose a code from the list that closely matches your sector and/or current (or desired!) professional expertise.

Connect to the Correct Companies

Be sure your job experiences are linked to the right company. Double check this especially for older entries that might have been listed before the employer even had a LinkedIn presence.

Contact Info

Confirm this includes your current email (if it’s been a minute, reconfirm), perhaps even a phone number, and check privacy settings to be sure you’re making this information visible as desired.

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