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Outsourcing for the win

So, it’s Q3 already and you resolved in January that 2022 was going to be the year to finally look for a new job.

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But work got so busy that you haven’t gotten around to it – maybe because you picked up the slack while a job in your department was vacant, or perhaps because your own job has expanded to the point of requiring you to work nights and weekends and even (ugh!) while you’re on vacation.

You’re a team player, though! Maybe you decided just to wait until your annual review, to see if your employer would recognize all your hard work and offer you a promotion, or at least a chunky raise or a bonus that would help you keep up with the sharply increasing costs of buying groceries and filling your gas tank.

That seemed reasonable, only now, it’s July! School’s out, the pool is open, and everyone’s traveling.

Before you know it, you’ll be packing away the beach towels and flip flops while thinking about whether to roast this year’s Thanksgiving turkey yourself or order it already cooked.

person slicing the turkey
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Outsource the turkey roasting? This would have been unthinkable to my grandmothers, but think about it: Why not hire a pro?

Yes, it costs more to order it cooked than to roast it yourself, but it saves you time and oven space and it’s super convenient.

And, there is assurance in knowing that a professional chef with tons of experience roasting turkeys and all the right tools, including an industrial oven, will cook your bird to juicy perfection.

And so you resolve, no matter how many guests are at your table this year, you’ll make the sides and the pies, but you’ll order the turkey. But you’ll want to start planning for that soon, so you can be sure that when you place your order, your grocery store or restaurant is able to accommodate it.

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Much like roasting a turkey, updating your own resume can feel like a daunting task.

It’s hard to brag about one’s own accomplishments, and harder still to remember what you’ve done work-wise since you landed your current job.

And, you’ve only ever written your own resume.

Doesn’t it make sense to enlist the help of someone who’s written tons of them? Someone with HR experience, who’s been involved with the hiring process from both sides of the desk?

Sometimes, it’s worth paying money to outsource a job to a professional. Especially when you want to be sure that job is completed properly. #resumewriting #hireapro Share on X

TL;DR -> Turkeys = Resumes! See how easy that was?!

Your resume isn’t going to update itself. You need help. Make it happen. Consult with a pro today. Contact me!

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