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Obsessed with the details

Last week, I finally scheduled a long-overdue pedicure. I sat in the chair and watched my nail technician take an unusual amount of care as she did each step in the process, from clipping my nails and trimming the cuticles to buffing my calluses and applying nail lacquer (base coat, two coats of color, and a clear coat on top).

Some techs are better than others, but I was struck by the remarkable attention to detail this technician demonstrated, right down to dipping a fine-tipped brush in acetone to remove tiny flecks of the dark blue nail color from the surrounding skin.

Photo by sq lim on Unsplash

Now, I can buff my own calluses, but I find it awkward to do the finer work of cuticle maintenance and tidy painting. A nail technician has the advantage of facing your feet, rather than having to double over to reach them. Easy access and just the right angle means she’s well positioned to provide an excellent service.

Naturally (stay with me), this got me thinking about the resume writing process. Sure, you can gather DIY information from sources on the internet – from LinkedIn, pro blogs, YouTube – grab a Word template, and write your own. And it will be passable, even fine.

But, if you’re counting on your resume to pass the highly-competitive initial ATS cut and get you some targeted interviews, it’s probably worth investing in the services of a professional resume writer – one who cares deeply about the smallest details.

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

When I write a resume, I am fastidious with word selection. I take great care to use precise, descriptive language. I do my best to make every word count. I’m focused on eliminating buzzwords that don’t add value to the content. (I’m aware that some industries use lingo that’s helpful on a resume; I’m talking about the gratuitous ones that add nothing.) I use several proofreading methods and techniques to ensure there are no editorial or formatting errors.

Just like my nail tech with the acetone-dipped brush, I am often tweaking words until the last moment so that your resume flows, is easy to read, tells your story, and looks amazing.

So yes, I am obsessed with the details that go into creating a first-rate resume. I want my clients to be delighted with the end result and feel proud and confident when sharing their resume. And that attention to detail means that it may take me me a bit longer to complete, just as it took my nail tech an extra few minutes to be certain she had provided a perfect pedicure.

Going above and beyond to get the details right is what makes anyone great at their job, in any industry, and you can count on me to do the same for you.

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