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Last Wednesday morning, I spent some time tidying up around my house. My cleaning service was scheduled to come later that day, and I wanted to be sure they didn’t have to work around piles of clutter, misplaced shoes, coffee-stained mugs, and whatnot.

You are probably familiar with the old joke: Typically framed as a female/male difference, the mom/wife insists on picking up the house before the cleaning service arrives, and the dad/husband replies, why should we clean before the cleaners come? We pay them to clean so we don’t have to!

He misses the point: Picking up does not equal cleaning. Picking up is superficial; cleaning is deeper. But he’s right that some work is better left to the professionals.

While I do know how to clean, there is always something I would rather be doing, or should be doing, or need to do. Also, cleaning takes me a lot longer to do than it takes the pros who have developed the speed and efficiency that comes from repetition.

The cleaning a crew makes the surfaces sparkle, and they also dig deeper: They vacuum under the sofa cushions and sweep all the floors. They dust the shelves and the picture frames. They vacuum the stairs (which, alone, justifies the cost in my book)! They remove all the crumbs our strategically-colored granite hides, and before they leave, they empty all the trash cans.

Professional cleaners have mastered the process of cleaning thoroughly and efficiently. It takes their crew of three angels about an hour to clean my whole house; were I to clean alone, it would take me an entire day (at least). They see to details that I would never remember. They save me time and do a better job than I ever could.

Pay a pro to transform your resume

It occurs to me that paying a professional to transform your resume is like hiring out your housecleaning. Sure, you could DIY. You could download a Word template and copy and paste your same old content into it. You could even edit it, based on what you remember from the last time you did your resume, and maybe Google the rest. It would take you a while to do this, but it would probably end up looking ok.

But DIY'ing your resume is kind of like squirting Clorox spray into your sinks before company comes. It would appear shiny, but when a pro checks in the corners and peeks under those sofa cushions, they'll see dust and crumbs beneath… Share on X

(Hey, if clean has a smell, it’s chlorine bleach.)

Professional resume writers bring their experience and expertise to every new client, approaching each project with the efficiency and wisdom of one who has done similar work many times before. Sure, it costs money, but it saves you time. We have developed a repeatable process and work from a set of best practices and standards. We know what hiring managers want to see. We think of details you won’t.

Your resume is too important to DIY. Share on X

Professional resume writers are worth the investment

The cost to hire a professional resume writer is a worthwhile investment in your career, and likely a fraction of that big salary increase or signing bonus you’re more likely to negotiate when you interview with confidence. Give yourself the advantage of a professionally-prepared resume you can feel proud to share.

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