Self-awareness is a necessary component of any successful, targeted job search. As a professional resume writer, I am authorized to administer the DISC Profile Assessment to my clients in affiliation with ProfilingPros. DISC is one of the most popular assessments in use today. It is validated and reliable. Administered online, this brief but thorough assessment takes you 10-15 minutes to complete. The information and analysis contained in your report will help you learn about your key strengths and behavioral tendencies, and help me write a more effective resume for you. I include the DISC profile assessment in my resume writing package for all career stages. I also make it available as a standalone product for a separate fee.

Personal branding and interview skills

We will use your report to develop your personal brand, which will be featured in your resume professional summary, your cover letter, and your LinkedIn “About” section. Insight into your strengths will help you focus your approach to job interviews, as well as for:

  • networking
  • personal marketing
  • following up
  • time management
  • salary negotiation
  • decision making

Capitalize on your value to the work environment

Knowing your inherent talents is a key to professional growth. This awareness will help you effectively communicate within your workplace, enhancing your effectiveness and increasing your productivity – a win-win for you and your employer. Your DISCstyles report identifies the traits you bring to the workplace:

  • General Characteristics
  • Your Unique Organizational Value Distinguisher
  • Your Ideal Work Environment
  • Your Behavior Under Stress
  • Your Adapted Style vs. Your Natural Style
  • Your Behavioral Pattern View
  • Your 12 Integrated DISC Style Relationships
  • Adaptability Strategies

Substantiating support material

You will receive a tangible, detailed report indicating your behavioral strengths and how those strengths contribute to optimum performance. This gives you an edge as we prepare your career marketing documents. It also enhances your interviewing strategy, brand message, networking, and continued professional development. You can use descriptive phrases from your report as a springboard to help in recalling examples of past accomplishments that you can share, again giving insight into how you will make contributions to the workplace. You can even share your report with hiring authorities or a new employer.

For more information:

Clients who engage HRMeg for professional resume writing services receive the DISCstyles report at no additional fee.

If you’re interested in taking the report as a standalone service, the fee is $97. Contact me to request information.