So, what do you do?
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So, what do you do?

In the DC area, we are infamous for the first question we usually ask those we meet: What do you do? It’s our go-to conversation starter in all situations professional or social. In a social context, the expected response is usually just your job title and employer. Or perhaps, simply your profession. For example, you…

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Resume writing is more art than science

Some years ago now, my son’s friend “Ryan” came over to play. During a break in Minecraft sessions, they came into the kitchen and announced that they were SO HUNGRY. I offered to make scrambled eggs and they both readily agreed. A few days later, Ryan’s mom called me to say that he had come…

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Three Resume Resolutions for 2021

Of all the things we can say about 2020, one thing is for certain: The nature of work changed fundamentally due to a highly contagious, microscopic virus. Even if you didn’t get sick from it, the coronavirus affected you personally. Perhaps your job ended because of pandemic-related layoffs. Maybe you kept your job, but have been…