Things I learned at my very first job
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Things I learned at my very first job

People in my generation (X) are given to waxing nostalgic about how things were when we were kids. Not that things were better, necessarily, but we paid our dues, and we’d like to tell you all about it. Example 1: What was the first car you drove? Maybe it was some old beater that your…

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Leaving a job? Ask these 12 questions before you go

If you’re checking out my website, there’s a decent chance you’re thinking of leaving your current job. Before you submit your final timesheet, be sure you get answers to these 12 (!) questions: When does my health, dental, and/or vision insurance end? Does it stop on your last day of work? The last day of…

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Legit ways to pay less tax

There are legitimate ways for wage earners to pay less in taxes, and it all starts with your paycheck and your benefits.