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Whether you’re an experienced professional or just launching your career, you need a resume. HRMeg provides customized resume writing services to meet your unique needs.

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Hi, I’m Meg! I’ve spent the last three decades working as an HR professional in the greater Washington, DC area. I’ve worked with companies of all sizes in a variety of sectors. I’ve been a solo practitioner, an HR Director, and a consultant for numerous smaller businesses.

I’ve worked with countless hiring managers to fill jobs at all levels of seniority and in many functional areas, from senior management to administrative support, executives to interns. My experience helped me develop a deep understanding of what hiring managers want. I can review a stack of resumes and recognize that special something in just a few of them. And, I know when a resume needs some help to effectively convey a candidate’s unique offering and demonstrate their potential to contribute to their employer’s mission.

In short: I know how to write a resume that gets noticed. Whether you’ve got decades of work experience or you’re just beginning your career, I can help by transforming your resume so that it tells your career story and ends up on the top of the “yes” pile, enabling you to achieve your career goals.

I’m a SHRM-certified Senior HR Professional and a member of the National Resume Writers’ Association.


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Should I include that on my resume?

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I have happy clients!

Here’s what some of them had to say about HRMeg:

Meg overhauled my 23-year-old resume.  She articulated my professional summary in a way that really reflects my unique value proposition for my next employer.  The formatting was perfect and it was 100% error free.
Carrie Daughtry
Darnestown, MD
Real Estate
Meg revised my entire resume and placed it into an eye-catching format, with a matching template for my cover letter. She also critiqued my LinkedIn profile and recommended some great updates. I’m ready to start sending out my new resume and feel confident doing so, thanks to Meg’s help.
Deb Villard
Meg helped me revise my resume and cover letter in record time, and I’m beyond pleased with the results.  Communication with her was so easy and straightforward. 
Sandra Hostetler
Ebensburg, PA
Flight Attendant
Meg asked insightful questions, provided valuable feedback, and gave me confidence that I was submitting a resume and cover letter that reflect my experience and enthusiasm for the position. I encourage anyone at any stage of their career and job search process to use Meg – she’s professional, efficient, up to date on all that goes into showcasing what makes you a good candidate for a position, and delightful to work with.
Lee Anne Mangone
Asheville, NC
Law/Higher Education
For [college seniors] looking for internships or starting the search for a career, Meg needs to be your first contact. She has taught me how to market myself, and she’s such a wonderful person to be by your side during the process. I’m convinced that I wouldn’t be as successful and set up for my future without her.
Matthew Martin
Knoxville, TN
My resume now reflects me, and my skills, in a creative, eye-catching way. I struggled for years trying to find the right wording and in a matter of a month or so you nailed it! I feel I’m now presented in a cohesive, positive way.
Jennifer Smith
Emmaus, PA
I want to thank you for your service, this has been by FAR the best resume writing service I have ever used to date. The process was super easy and convenient, plus it helps that you REALLY know what you’re doing! 
Michael Haynes
Boyds, MD
Video Effects/Graphic Artist
This was my first time with a professional resume writer, and I can say that I was really pleased. HR Meg was personable, professional, and honest about her services. I am very satisfied with the results.
Heidi Kessler
Gaithersburg, MD
Real Estate
Instead of a laundry list of my previous jobs (One of Meg’s initial comments was that my resume looked like an itemized receipt), I now have an aesthetically pleasing document that concisely and accurately sums me up.  Meg has helped me brand myself.
Amy Malcom
Denver, CO
After I experienced a layoff and decided on a career change I turned to Meg for help with my resume, interview tips, and just general knowledge of today’s job market. Her advice was spot on. I value her help and opinions! Can’t say thank you enough.
Randi Silverberg
Arlington, VA
Human Resources
Meg’s service offered an excellent opportunity to collaborate on a well-tailored and focused resume and cover letter. Her experience and insight were truly amazing! Thanks again Meg!
Shaun Michael
Long Beach, CA
Technical Analyst
 Meg did such a great job understanding my perspective and giving feedback to produce a competitive resume.
Kristen Turner
Las Vegas, NV
Healthcare Operations Executive
Meg asked great questions that helped me clarify my skills and goals, which resulted in a resume that is much more focused, concise, and representative of me. [She] is a great communicator, very professional, and a true delight to work with.
Elizabeth Martin
Oak Ridge, TN

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