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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or seeking your first job, you’re returning to the workforce or making a career shift, you need a resume. HRMeg creates career marketing documents that tell your story in a compelling, articulate manner, increasing your odds of getting interviews and landing your dream job.

Hi, I’m Meg!

You’ve probably heard it said that recruiters spend 7-10 seconds (tops) reviewing each resume they receive. When faced with a huge stack of applications for each job opening, that’s all they can devote. They scan each one to look for the basic requirements, and they’re also looking for reasons to further consider you, or to rule you out.

You know you have the skills, the experience, and the personality to land your dream job. Once you get the interview, you’re sure they’ll fall in love with you, and the rest will take care of itself. But you’ve been submitting resume after resume, and silence has been the only response. How can you be sure your resume will make them do a double-take, landing you on the “yes” pile?

I can help! I spend time getting to know you. I dig deep to understand your career goals, which enables me to articulate your unique offering to prospective employers in your chosen industry. In short, I will transform your resume so that it conveys your personal brand and career story with elegance and precision, enabling you to land those interviews.

A professionally-prepared resume boosts your confidence by showcasing your qualifications. It makes clear to prospective employers that you have the ability to make a positive impact on their business. And when you feel confident in your resume, you’re in prime position to land your dream job.

So, why work with me? As a 30+ year HR professional, I’ve guided countless hiring managers through the recruitment and selection process. I’ve screened the resumes; I’ve conducted the interviews; I’ve guided the job offer process. Simply put: I know what hiring managers want. When you work with me, all this inside information will be at your disposal.

I’m a SHRM-certified senior HR professional and a proud member of the Society for Human Resource Management and the National Resume Writers’ Association.


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When recruiters screen a “stack” (literal or digital) of resumes, they’re looking for two things: One, does each candidate’s experience check all the boxes in terms of the position’s requirements? And two, is there anything here that makes this candidate an automatic rule-out? Your goal is to make that first cut. Your resume’s job is…

I have happy clients!

Here’s what some of them had to say about HRMeg:

Meg asked insightful questions, provided valuable feedback, and gave me confidence that I was submitting a resume and cover letter that reflect my experience and enthusiasm for the position. I encourage anyone at any stage of their career and job search process to use Meg – she’s professional, efficient, up to date on all that goes into showcasing what makes you a good candidate for a position, and delightful to work with.
Lee Anne Mangone
Asheville, NC
Law/Higher Education
I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t getting responses to my job applications, so I hired Meg to review and revamp my resume. Meg solicited a lot of information at the outset, then distilled and focused my resume so that it was more descriptive and better targeted towards my job of choice. I am thrilled to have just accepted a new position, and thankful for Meg’s help in achieving that goal.
Kristin Robinson
Meg overhauled my 23-year-old resume.  She articulated my professional summary in a way that really reflects my unique value proposition for my next employer.  The formatting was perfect and it was 100% error free.
Carrie Daughtry
Darnestown, MD
Real Estate
Meg revised my entire resume and placed it into an eye-catching format, with a matching template for my cover letter. She also critiqued my LinkedIn profile and recommended some great updates. I’m ready to start sending out my new resume and feel confident doing so, thanks to Meg’s help.
Deb Villard
Meg helped me revise my resume and cover letter in record time, and I’m beyond pleased with the results.  Communication with her was so easy and straightforward. 
Sandra Hostetler
Ebensburg, PA
Flight Attendant
My resume now reflects me, and my skills, in a creative, eye-catching way. I struggled for years trying to find the right wording and in a matter of a month or so you nailed it! I feel I’m now presented in a cohesive, positive way.
Jennifer Smith
Emmaus, PA
For [college seniors] looking for internships or starting the search for a career, Meg needs to be your first contact. She has taught me how to market myself, and she’s such a wonderful person to be by your side during the process. I’m convinced that I wouldn’t be as successful and set up for my future without her.
Matthew Martin
Knoxville, TN
 A long-time employee in my company applied for our developing CEO program. I noticed Meg’s Twitter posts, got her contact information, and connected the employee with her. Meg transformed the employee’s resume to feature her extensive experience with our organization, highlighting her leadership achievements and abilities in a way that makes her a well-qualified candidate for our program.
Christina Stewart-Ramirez
Las Vegas, NV
Corporate Recruiter
I want to thank you for your service, this has been by FAR the best resume writing service I have ever used to date. The process was super easy and convenient, plus it helps that you REALLY know what you’re doing! 
Michael Haynes
Boyds, MD
Video Effects/Graphic Artist
This was my first time with a professional resume writer, and I can say that I was really pleased. Meg was personable, professional, and honest about her services. I am very satisfied with the results.
Heidi Kessler
Gaithersburg, MD
Real Estate
Instead of a laundry list of my previous jobs (One of Meg’s initial comments was that my resume looked like an itemized receipt), I now have an aesthetically pleasing document that concisely and accurately sums me up.  Meg has helped me brand myself.
Amy Malcom
Denver, CO
After I experienced a layoff and decided on a career change I turned to Meg for help with my resume, interview tips, and just general knowledge of today’s job market. Her advice was spot on. I value her help and opinions! Can’t say thank you enough.
Randi Silverberg
Arlington, VA
Human Resources
Meg asked great questions that helped me clarify my skills and goals, which resulted in a resume that is much more focused, concise, and representative of me. [She] is a great communicator, very professional, and a true delight to work with.
Elizabeth Martin
Oak Ridge, TN
Meg’s service offered an excellent opportunity to collaborate on a well-tailored and focused resume and cover letter. Her experience and insight were truly amazing! Thanks again Meg!
Shaun Michael
Long Beach, CA
Technical Analyst
 Meg did such a great job understanding my perspective and giving feedback to produce a competitive resume.
Kristen Turner
Las Vegas, NV
Healthcare Operations Executive

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